Silo transport

Looking for dry bulk transport? Van ‘t Kruis Bulk Logistics is happy to assist you! The transport of bulk goods benefits from our extensive logistics experience. This transport always complies with the hygiene and cleaning guidelines. We also have the GMP+ certificate. This way we will be able to transport your animal feeds safely and responsibly.

In addition to transporting goods for the animal feed industry, we transport any kind of dry unpackaged goods. From all common powders and granules to aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, starch, dolomite and phosphates. This allows us to transport your bulk goods in large quantities to and from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. In consultation we can be of service throughout Europe.

Contact us for the transport options.

It is also possible with us to silage your bags or BigBags. Our employees have extensive experience in bulking bagged goods. This prevents material loss. This allows us to package and transport your BigBags to the desired destination. It is also possible to store your goods in our warehouse. Our strategically located storage in the Green Heart of the Randstad offers enough space to safely store your goods. 

High-quality and reliable transport

The guidelines regarding hygiene and cleaning are of paramount importance to us. Van ‘t Kruis Bulk Logistics is certified according to the requirements of the GMP+ quality standard. Because we want to guarantee the safety of animals and humans, the GMP guidelines are closely followed by us. A HACCP certificate is also integrated into the GMP certificate. Partly because of this, our customers see us as a reliable transporter who carefully handles the quality guarantees of transport.